Ira Hatch jury taking lunch from deliberations

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Just before 11 a.m., the jury deliberating the theft trial of disbarred attorney Ira Hatch asked the court what the procedure would be to review testimony heard during the six-week trial.Attorneys agreed to the playback, as long as the jury listens to both the direct examination and the cross-examination of the witness. For some key witnesses, including a few former Coastal Escrow employees, testimony ran several hours and even over the course of two days..The jury did not indicate which witness or witnesses they were interested in, but as of 11:55, they have not come back with any specific requests for replays.The court is on a recess until 1 p.m., for lunch, during which time attorneys can leave the courthouse. Prosecutors and counsel for the defense have been told that, other than the lunch break, they are to be no more than 5 minutes from Courtroom 1.

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