Fans flock to Bridal Bootcamp premier

VERO BEACH — A bevy of beauties swarmed to congratulate Steve Pfiester as he arrived at Costa d’Este for a VIP Party Wednesday evening, celebrating the premier of the reality TV show Bridal Bootcamp.

Bridal Bootcamp stars Steve as one of two fitness trainers enlisted to turn overweight brides-to-be into “bombshell brides” through a series of pound-shedding challenges.  The episodes, filmed two years ago in central Florida, debuted in a one-hour production Wednesday night on VH1; seven 30-minute episodes will continue on Wednesday nights.

Steve and his wife Bonnie are owners of the Longevity Fitness Club in Vero Beach and many of those present at the VIP Party owned their fabulous physiques to the couple’s fitness training techniques. A dozen paparazzi had entered into a contest organized by Misty Lundeen and were happily snapping away all night long at both the VIP Party and the Premier.  They will each chose their favorite photo to submit for the contest, and the public is invited to vote next week, on the Facebook page of A Misty Moment Photography.

Pam Bennett and her friend Kate Batchelor arrived early to the VIP party for a good seat to watch all the excitement.  And it was a pretty good show, with everyone decked out in their hottest runway clothes, designed to reveal their hard-earned physiques.

The production company gave the agility course to the Pfiesters after Bridal Bootcamp was completed.  Bennett said the course is just like a Marine boot camp.

“I did it one time, but some women get addicted to it,” said Bennett.  “You’re never in such great shape as after that boot camp.  Steve is a gentle giant; always willing to help you.  He’s just a wonderful guy.”

Since the show was taped two years ago, Pfiester said some of the brides now have children.  “The winner couldn’t even publicize her wedding photos because of the confidentially agreements.  Can you imagine?”

He is hoping for a possible second season of Bridal Bootcamp and is also thinking about making fitness videos incorporating kick-boxing, full-body treadmill workouts and boot camp type workouts.

“When I was in the Army, you could do a serious conditioning workout in just a five-foot space,” said Pfiester.

Bonnie had arranged for guests to have a full red-carpet treatment, including limousine rides to the Majestic Theatre for the showing, complete with champagne of course, in Hot Rayz enormous 28-passenger limousine.

Guests entered the theatre along a red carpet, and were introduced to the ‘paparazzi” by Treasure & Space Coast Radio’s Hamp Elliott for some celebrity style photos.  A smattering of bridal gowned mannequins played to the show’s theme, as did a wedding cake tasting later on.

“We’re trying to share the whole experience,” said Bonnie.

Funds raised at the event will benefit Growing Healthy Kids, founded by Nancy Heinrich, which is using garden based education in an effort to fight childhood obesity.  Longevity and Max Fitness will also donate five club memberships to the organization for use by teens who need help losing weight and getting healthy. {igallery 217}

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