Broadcast Blues is next in Social Justice Film Series

VERO BEACH — The community-wide, nondenominational Social Justice Film Series continues on Sunday, June 6 at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach.  The film to be shown and discussed is Broadcast Blues, winner of the 2009 Sacramento International Film Festival award for Outstanding Documentary Vision.

Continuing its fourth year, the Social Justice Film Series has been held on the first Sunday of each month.  It is open to the public, there is no admission charge, and reservations are not necessary.  The Fellowship Fair Trade Corner will be open one-half hour before and after the film.

In Broadcast Blues, Sue Wilson – film maker, activist and Emmy award winner – takes a look at who runs the media in America.  The public owns the air waves, but who controls them?  Have recent decisions by the Federal Communications Commission been wise or destructive?  Well-known radio, television, and newspaper personalities (Phil Donahue, David Brancaccio, Amy Goodman, and Helen Thomas) are interviewed by the director to make her point that democracy won´t survive if only a small number of corporations control all media outlets:  radio, television, cable, and newspapers.

Wilson has been involved in the media for over twenty years.  Throughout her career, she noticed things around her changing, such as deregulation of media giants controlling the airwaves, and journalists losing their scruples.  “I saw what was happening to real people and to society and journalism as a result of bad policies.”  The best way she knew how to let people understand what is happening was to make a movie.

The UUFVB is located on the southeast corner of 27th Avenue and 16th Street.

Information:  Call 772-778-5880.

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