Little things to get your business recognized on a larger stage

(ARA) – If you’re operating a small business, it’s unlikely that you have a lot of extra money laying around to spend on a large-scale marketing plan. But there are a number of ways to spread the word about your business without breaking the bank.

Small businesses rely on quality products and outstanding services to do the talking. But a few inexpensive measures can improve the name recognition of your business in addition to grassroots and word-of-mouth marketing.

Whether you are on the road at a conference or visiting with people around town, it would be wise to carry a few items with you that will help others remember your business. While you can sell what your business offers with your words, it’s also important to give your potential clients something they can take home to remind them what you have to offer.

Show and tell. As you are telling people about your business, have something to offer them that can give them a clearer picture of what your business does. Brochures are a handy way to get this message across. A number of online retailers, such as Vista Print, offer brochure printing services that allow you to either upload your own designs or create brochures using their templates.

Make your message travel. Hand out useful items containing the name of your business to increase exposure and get a little free advertising. If you travel to a conference to promote your business and network, bring along some luggage tags bearing the name of your company. Don’t let the lack of an international advertising budget get in the way of your message traveling across the world.

Reflect your brand. Think of all the items you use in the day-to-day operation of your business that are seen by your clients and other people you interact with. Business stationery, envelopes, pens – if possible, put the name of your business on all of those items. There is no such thing as over-promoting your business when it comes to helping others recognize your name. Anything you send out or give away should have your business’s name on it.

Boosting awareness of your business through customizing products that have everyday uses is a great way to spread your message without spending a fortune. For more information on customizable products for your small business, visit

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