Job opportunities for college graduates in financial services are growing

(ARA) – Job opportunities are increasing for students graduating with a degree in financial services, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Job growth for auditors and accountants is expected to increase faster than average, and according to a March 19 Wall Street Journal article, opportunities for financial services’ most venerable occupation – the life insurance agent – are also on the rise.

According to the journal and the industry research group LIMRA, many of the nation’s largest insurance companies are adding “thousands” of new agents with a commitment to sign up more.

John Vaccaro, senior vice president of sales and distribution for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), attributes the increase to better consumer knowledge about the importance of planning for one’s financial future and a demand for service. MassMutual expanded its career sales force by 24 percent over the last three years.

“Clients need our services more than ever,” he says.

Vaccaro compares the early years in a financial services career to a medical residency or graduate program.

“Each year builds upon the other,” he says. “The initial years are a time to learn the habits and skills of success to support a long, fulfilling career.”

Students graduating with a degree in business, economics, finance, financial planning, management, marketing or sales and interested in pursuing jobs in the field should have the following characteristics:

* An interest in helping others achieve their financial goals.

Financial services professionals work directly with individuals and families, implementing financial strategies and creating a vision for the clients’ life goals.

* Connections through networks and organizations.

Starting off a job in the financial sector with connections from previous careers or social involvement provides plenty of business opportunities. But even if you are starting off in your first career directly out of college, you can develop your own network by contacting new prospects, and getting referrals from existing associates.

* An entrepreneurial spirit.

Superior time management skills, commitment and motivation to reach personal and professional goals are excellent traits for students interested in building a financial services practice.

* A commitment to education.

The financial industry changes frequently, and students interested in a financial services career need to be open to feedback, mentoring, coaching, and professional development throughout their career.

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