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Traffic stop leads to arrest of alleged dealer along with his customer logbook

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Authorities got more than they expected when they pulled over an accused stop sign-runner. They found 1,000 oxycodone and alprazolam pills, cash and a logbook with what they say are drug customers’ names and phone numbers.

The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office arrested Robert Douglas Mackenzie, of 58th Circle, on felony charges of trafficking oxycodone, possession with intent to distribute alprazolam, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to the arrest report. The report states the Vero Beach man ran a stop sign, prompting the traffic stop. The deputy who pulled the 51-year-old man over discovered Mackenzie was hiding nearly 1,000 oxycodone and alprazolam (also known as Xanax) in a bag stuffed in his underwear.

Mackenzie told the arresting deputy that he had gone to Palm Beach County and purchased the pills for about $6,000. He then said he came back to Indian River County to sell the majority of the pills to his customers throughout Florida and New Jersey.

What street value the drugs have was not released.

Mackenzie told authorities that he bought 590 oxycodone pills for $10 each and 397 alprazolam (Xanax) pills for $2 a piece. At that price, the pills had a value of almost $6,700.

Authorities also found a small amount of marijuana in a baggie, almost $200 in cash, and “his drug customer logbook complete with names and phone numbers,” the arrest report states.

He is being held at the county jail on $137,500 bond.

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