Boxed Lunch Bingo benefits seniors

VERO BEACH — Senior Resource Association board member Gerry Thistle was the sole man in a room filled with approximately 125 women as he emceed the Resource Association’s annual Box Lunch Bingo fundraising event.  The Senior Center in Vero Beach is currently being remodeled, so ladies were vying for prizes at this popular event at the Heritage Center this year.



Three lines of tables were arranged so that everyone could see the bingo boards on the stage, illuminating both the numbers that had been called, and the type of bingo game being played.  Their concentration was palpable as players tried to win shapes that included frames, railroad tracks and even a Martini glass in addition to the standard straight line games.

The tables also held lots of goodies, including individually boxed cupcakes donated by Frostings, Mary Kay bags donated by Cindy Goetz, beautiful orchids decorated with colorful little straw hats which were sold at the event of the event, and of course a boxed lunch.

Before the games began, Tuny Hill presided over a competitive Purse Game, reminiscent of Monty Hall’s Let’s Make a Deal, where women came up with everything from golf balls to light bulbs.

Proceeds from the Box Lunch Bingo event benefit Senior Resource Association programs including Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care, Social Entrée Meals, In-Home Services, Senior Center Programs and transportation.

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