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Red Cross training saves life of Flight Safety employee

Connie Filipe, an employee at the Flight Safety Academy for 18 years, works as the receptionist and also coordinates a number of other duties including the Center’s “CARE” briefings. She took a Adult CPR with AED training class at the Vero Beach location of the North Treasure Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross in order to be sure she could help someone if they ever needed it.

On September 16th, 2009, a part time facility maintenance employee came up to Connie’s desk indicating that he was sweaty, had pain in his jaw and his chest hurt. Connie, having just completed the American Red Cross training 4 weeks prior, realized that Joe may in fact be having a heart attack. Connie instructed him to sit down and she immediately called 911. The ambulance arrived and began treating Joe. They placed him in the ambulance and began the short journey to the local hospital (approximately 2 miles).

During that short 2 mile journey Joe’s heart had stopped two separate times and he had to be resuscitated by the paramedics. Joe was rushed into the emergency room and had immediate surgery.  Joe is doing fine and is expected back to work in a couple of months.

Connie Filipe made a difference in someone’s life, and she credits the local American Red Cross for giving her the knowledge of what to do to make that difference.  Would you know what to do if someone needed your help?  If not maybe you should enroll in the next class!  For more information call 772-562-2549 or 772-878-7077.

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