Hibiscus Teen Social Scene a success

VERO BEACH —  An inaugural Teen Social Scene to promote early registration for the Miss Hibiscus Pageant accomplished its objective, with girls signing up for the pageant earlier than ever before. Teenaged friends and their families enjoyed an evening of music, food and fashion at the social, sponsored by the Hibiscus Festival committee, Dillard’s, Plumbago Volunteer Services and the Heritage Center. Two talented, local teenaged bands, Mercury and Urban Warfare, made talking a little difficult but thoroughly entertained the crowd.  For the evening’s fashion show component, students from each of the area high schools modeled a selection of casual and evening wear from Dillard’s.  A few of the models were prior pageant contestants, including 2009 Miss Hibiscus Chloe Rose from Saint Edward’s School.

As an added incentive to sign up early, Dillard’s will provide a pageant dress for the evening to the first 20 girls who register and will make a gift of the dress to the 2010 Miss Hibiscus winner.  The winner will also receive a $1,000 cash prize from the Hibiscus Festival.

Approximately 10 girls have already signed up for the pageant, but registrations will be accepted through the end of March.  Interested parties should call the chairperson of the Miss Hibiscus committee, and winner of the first Miss Hibiscus Pageant, Elizabeth Graves Bass at (772) 778-8800.  {igallery 79}

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