Victim: Handyman handier at breaking things than fixing them

VERO BEACH – A Vero Beach man has told the police department that his hired handyman may be to blame for $380 worth of damage to his tools and the loss of an air-stapling gun.

The handyman said “he was better at breaking things than fixing them,” his employer, Mitchell Carpenter, told the Vero Beach Police Department Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Carpenter met with the handyman at the job site after the handyman told him that Carpenter’s air compressor fell out of his truck and that he smashed it.

Carpenter told the police that he found his fiberglass ladder broken, an air hose tied around a post, and a dent in the laundry room door from a sawhorse being thrown into it.

He also discovered his brand new stapling gun missing, he said.

After the confrontation, one or both men left the job site. Carpenter told authorities that he has not spoken with the handyman since the incident.

Because the handyman has not been arrested, has declined to identify him.

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