PetroAlgae among businesses recognized for adding jobs

FELLSMERE — PetroAlgae, an algae farm west of Fellsmere, is one of four companies recognized for creating new jobs in the region. It is the only company in Indian River County to receive the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Faces of Trade award.

The North County facility is on a 20-acre parcel, five acres of research and development complex and 15 acres of open space. It is the home to the only full size, open pond commercial bioreactors in the world. Each bioreactor produces approximately 141 metric tons of biomass per hectare per year.

The algae is used to make fuel and can produce 15 times the amount of raw material than can be produced using cornfields.

“The future of job growth is in developing new technology. Our nation’s future competiveness is dependent on new, cutting edge technologies companies like these having a business environment where they can flourish,” said Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) in a prepared statement. The congressman represents most of Indian River County.

“These visionary companies are shining examples of what Central Florida businesses have to offer the world,” he added. “I salute their hard working scientists, engineers and technicians who make America a lead contributor in scientific and technological research and development.”

The other recognized businesses include ISO Group Inc. of West Melbourne, Aero Industries of Titusville, and SpaceX of Cape Canaveral.

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