School board to discuss canceling North County Imagine School contract

Staff Report

SEBASTIAN — The proposed Imagine School in Sebastian could be wiped out tonight if School Superintendent Dr. Harry La Cava gets his way at the Indian River County School District board meeting

Dr. La Cava is recommending to the school board cancel the charter school’s contract for its Sebastian location. However, Imagine School leaders will request the board hold off on making a decision until the Aug. 25 board meeting so they can address the concerns Dr. La Cava has raised. Such concerns include the school’s lack of a zoning special exception so it can be located within Community Baptist Church, 12534 Roseland Rd., and issues with the school’s leasing agreement with church.

Dr. La Cava specifically mentioned the school’s “insufficient enrollment, failure to implement curriculum as committed in the application for the charter … and other good cause issues,” in the background material for the board meeting tonight as his reasons to cancel the school’s contract.

Imagine Charter School currently has a contract for a school in Vero Beach, which is in operation. The Vero Beach school was approved at the same time as the North County school in 2008.

Imagine School leaders had planned to open the Sebastian charter with approximately 50 students on Aug. 24 and had expected to grow to about 100 students by October. Students who had expected to attend the charter school have been assigned to other schools within the district.Imagine School at South Vero has a class enrollment of more than 400 students.

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