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Waves Car Wash to award free car washes for life

VERO BEACH — Everyone knows these are challenging times and Waves Car Wash and Detail Center has come up with a way for you to save approximately $900 a year on just one thing – washing your car. Waves Car Wash and Detail Center is giving away one car wash per week, free, for the rest of your life. There are no gimmicks, fees, or extra charges. Come in, complete the entry form and register to win. Complete contest details are available from Gio, the cashier. Waves Advantages: Waves, Vero’s Fastest and Finest, located across the street from KMart Plaza, has advantages that few offer. We have the newest equipment in the area, use softcloth technology, recycle over 90 percent of our water, and use the absolute best combination of cleaning agents for your car and the environment.

Wheel Cleaning: Do you know why your wheels almost always come out immaculate at a car wash? You may be surprised at the answer – ACID! That’s right most car washes spray acid directly on your wheels and dirt, brake dust and other contaminants are burned off. Acid is cheap and effective, no doubt about it. We don’t use acid because it will turn aluminum wheels a milky color, it’s bad for the environment and just plain not safe. We use a much more friendly cleaning agent that is sprayed on in precise timing to work with our 750PSI wheel blaster. Our high pressure equipment is timed to follow your car and blast off dirt and grime.

Blow Drying: Our blow dryer is unlike any in the area and dries your car without touching it. The only thing that touches your car at Waves is air.

Come in and try us…your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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