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E-FIT: 16-minute ‘light’ workout not as easy as I’d hoped

I'm going to be honest. It's been a while - well, since the last blog entry - that I last worked out

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E-FIT: Will routine changes reignite enthusiasm for workout?

I'm not afraid to admit it - I have fallen off the workout wagon. It has been since my last post tha

Blogs e fitness

E-FIT: Working out just to get warm

You warm up before a workout - but have you ever worked out to get warm? I woke up this morning t

Blogs e fitness

E-FIT: She called me ‘Poodle!!’

I need encouragement - I think everyone does when they're doing something they know they need to do

Blogs e fitness

E-FIT: New workout resolve sparks more resolutions

I didn't know that when I resolved to workout more to trim a few pounds that it would lead to anothe

Blogs e fitness

E-FIT: An unexpected lesson

I started this blog at probably the worst possible time due to the holidays. Well, maybe the best ti

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Exercise taps into ballet using the Barre Method

VERO BEACH - Tell someone a New Year's resolution to sign on to a fitness program called the Barre M

Blogs e fitness

E-FIT: Working out at home? How’s it working out?

Welcome to our newest blog - E-Fitness! I have recently gotten into working out at home, using elect

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The Gift of Health — Part 1: Gadgets and Gear

VERO BEACH -- According to the old adage, "it's the thought that counts," so why not think of your l

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Health, Harvest, and Holmes at the Jungle Club.

VERO BEACH -- Get the chance to work out with a former NFL player and help a great cause at the same

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Sebastian woman, 62, critical after near drowning in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH -- A 62-year-old Sebastian woman is in critical condition at the Indian River Medical Cen

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Woman, 62, critical after near drowning at Leisure Square pool

By Debbie Carson, Online Editor VERO BEACH -- A 62-year-old woman is in critical condition at the