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St. Ed’s fights obesity with new meal program

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY - America turned over a new leaf last year, when President Barack Obama signed t

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EATS: Why is it that I’m hungry after stir fry?

Two nights back I made a beef-broccoli stir fry, complete with carrots, onions, oriental mushrooms,

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Public attitude toward FP&L sale: Hopeful skepticism

VERO BEACH - An event like Sunset Saturday attracts people from all walks of life, people who love V

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Real estate market is humming in Vero Beach’s Old Riomar

VERO BEACH - Old Riomar, with its quiet, tree-lined streets, is a picture of tranquility. The set

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SPORTS: Mascot Camp and Phun with the Phanatic

Dave Raymond's 18th Annual Mascot Boot Camp took place this past weekend at Vero Beach Sports Villag

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HABITAT: Party for volunteers not best time for diet

You probably already knew this but - the day you have a big party and everyone brings their favorite

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CAMERA: Random Pixels – Spiked on C-54 Canal

Saturday was the Opening Day Regatta for area school crews. When I think of guys on a crew I thin

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CAMERA: Random Pixels – Spiked on C-54 Canal

Photo by: Keith Carson.

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BUZZ: Bieber, Serval cats, and Cockroaches for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine's Day! Married, single or dating - everyone seems to be talking about Valentine's

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Vitunac requests public hearing before Vero Beach City Council

VERO BEACH -- Whether or not the Feb. 1 resolution for his ouster is found to be valid, tenuously em

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NOTHING NEW: The reset button

Just a short one this time about living The Compact to buy nothing new for a year. Will discuss c

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NOTHING NEW: Finding a used hybrid

Some additions to the family require a lot of stuff. Babies, for example. Having my first child a