Blogs tech chick to the rescue

TECH CHICK: Internet Lingo, how to understand the Internet Language

I was asked recently what LOL was. From my 77-year-old mother who has only had interaction with my l

Blogs tech chick to the rescue

Tech Chick: Don’t cry over spilled milk

Many times at work or at home, we are hungry and so we eat and drink at our desk and surf the Intern

Blogs tech chick to the rescue

TECH CHICK: Laptop vs Desktop

It's all a matter of taste. With wireless routers getting cheaper and cheaper, it's easy to buy a la

CAMERA BLOG: Election night, and a late start

There were a few surprises last night, if you keep up with local politics you know what I'm referrin

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CAMERA BLOG: You can’t beat the view from my office

During the summer months, as most Floridians know, working outside isn't the most fun. Actually, I c