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Rocket Recall Class from Best Behavior Dog Training

Best Behavior Dog Training's Rocket Recall class is back by popular demand. This special one-time tw

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PET PARADE: All dressed up

I'm fascinated by the trend of having dogs wear clothes. I can see a blanket or coat when it is c

Blogs pets on parade

PETS: Doggie dining – a year later

About a year ago, the owners of the Greenhouse Cafe on 13th Ave applied for and received special per

Blogs pets on parade

PET PARADE: The perfect pet-lovers gift

Happy Holidays to you and your pets. The weather has been frightful. I notice my dogs really seem

Blogs pets on parade

PET PARADE: Where does your pet sleep?

Where does your pet sleep? In a recent informal survey of dog trainers, 75 percent said their dog

Blogs pets on parade

Pet Parade: Let’s get physical!

The weather has cooled off a bit. Are your pets more active? Even my senior dog is grabbing toys

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PETS PARADE: Where does your dog go for fun?

Many behavior problems in dogs are due to a lack of exercise. How do you exercise your dog? Leash wa

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PET PARADE: Check out what’s going on with Treasure Coast Kennel Club

Hello Vero Beach Pet Lovers. Did you know the Treasure Coast Kennel Club is sponsoring an All Bre