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Vero Beach Art Club members beautify Community Center

VERO BEACH -- The Vero Beach Art Club is sponsoring the creation of an 8' x 36' mural for the City o

Blogs nothing new a compact

NOTHING NEW: Crunchy green networking

When I decided to take on The Compact to buy nothing new for a year, I fully expected criticism from

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BUZZ: Neutering friends, the force, and Egypt

 I've decided to add a new feature to this blog. The greatest thing about social media is the visua

Blogs social buzz

BUZZ: What’s the buzz in our communities?

Bzzzzz…..If you're addicted to social media (in a good way) this is the blog for you. Part of the

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World Guy rolls through county spreading awareness

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY - The sounds of honking horns along US 1 served as a soundtrack for Erik "World

Blogs nothing new a compact

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Just like sticking to a diet, not buying any new consumer goods is partially about avoiding temptati

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E-FIT: An unexpected lesson

I started this blog at probably the worst possible time due to the holidays. Well, maybe the best ti

Blogs e fitness

E-FIT: Working out at home? How’s it working out?

Welcome to our newest blog - E-Fitness! I have recently gotten into working out at home, using elect

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EATS: Exploring culinary horizons means new discovery

Until I started this blog, I led myself to believe that I was an adventurous eater - willing to give

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Vero Beach missionary on world trek digging canals, helping others

San Juan, Dominican Republic - Vero Beach missionary Sara Hansen has made a few discoveries about he

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NEW: Welcome to Journalist Eats

Being a member of an online daily news organization usually means long hours, last minute on-site in