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Rev. Drs. Casey and Bob Baggott

On Faith

You’re not home yet … stay close to God

We heard a story told by Ray Stedman about an elderly missionary couple who, many years ago, had spe

On Faith

Don’t go it alone: Needing others key to emotional survival

Do you remember the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom? The book chronicles the conversa

On Faith

Focus on God’s constancy to avoid spiritual whiplash

Many centuries ago, there lived a reluctant prophet of God in the ancient land of Judah. It was a ve

On Faith

‘If your life is your sermon, what are you saying?’

Years and years ago at a preaching seminar, the leaders distributed materials to those of us in atte

On Faith

World is full of formative teachers … including you

As fall rolls on, kids everywhere are back to their routines. They are back to school. Do the words

My Vero

A sweet feeling comes with giving like a honeycomb

A wise person once commented that there are three kinds of givers in the world: the flint, the spong

On Faith

Our simplest good deeds will take us heavenward

There is an old Hasidic tale about a holy rabbi who lived in a tiny Russian village. The villagers w

On Faith

Confidence and belief can help you conquer that giant

One of our all-time favorite stories from scripture is the tale of David and Goliath from the book o

On Faith

Who do you think you are? Just remember WHOSE you are

Mark Trotter tells the story of a man whose great ambition was to become a general in the army. He i

On Faith

It takes courage to be kind, but surely it’s worth the risk

Kindness seems like an old-fashioned word. And it does have history. It apparently derives from or i

On Faith

We all discover in time how hope and history rhyme

We’ve come to love a beautiful poem called “Doubletake” by Irish poet Seamus Heaney. It seems

On Faith

Stressed? Find peace by keeping calm and carrying on

Have you seen all the paraphernalia emblazoned with the line: “Keep Calm and Carry On?” We notic