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Former Press Journal building eyed as location of specialty grocery store

An out-of-town developer is exploring the possibility of purchasing and re-purposing the former Pres

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School lawyer, for $22K a month, owes answers

Our School Board pays its attorney, Suzanne D’Agresta, a monthly retainer of $22,000 – plus expe

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Crowded jail big factor as sheriff seeks budget hike

Nearly one-third of the proposed $55 million budget Sheriff Deryl Loar plans to submit to the County

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Solari: New county offices on island ‘wasteful’

You might think it odd that the county commissioner whose district includes most of the barrier isla

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School Board meeting subject of state probe

There are aspects of the School Board’s April 16 special meeting – the one called by Vice Chairm

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Prosecutor offers prostitution sting ‘johns’ more lenient deal

Most of the 160-plus men arrested in Indian River County during a prostitution sting earlier this ye

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Sheriff’s Office under fire in Twitter cyber-stalking probe

The school district employee recently cleared by prosecutors of a cyber-stalking charge is now quest

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Last-minute transfers by Rendell getting a review

No one should be surprised that now-former Superintendent Mark Rendell used his final days on the jo

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School Board optimistic now that Rendell’s gone

Remember all that grumbling from the partisan know-nothings who criticized the School Board’s publ

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Spa cases on hold as prosecutors appeal suppression of video evidence against ‘johns’

Prosecutors showed up in court on Monday morning to ask for a continuance in the cases they are purs

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Judges rule suppression of videos in prostitution sting arrests

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Two Indian River County Court judges ruled Thursday that the surveillance vi

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Hopefully, teachers will not be packing guns here

Be grateful that our sheriff and School Board members possess the wisdom not to embrace the governor