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Ray McNulty

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Vero tennis star Fish hired as Grand Slam commentator

Someday, when he’s old enough – and, he hopes, good enough – Vero Beach’s homegrown tennis s

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St. Paul’s Church still not quite ready

The new St. Paul’s Church, currently nearing completion on Flamevine Lane, will not be ready for C

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Wait! You need a licensed contractor for that repair

Maybe you’re thinking about slapping a new coat of paint on your house. Or doing a little remodeli

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String of violent crimes rattle ‘Mayberry by the sea’

I'm as guilty as anyone of affectionately using words to paint a Rockwellian portrait of Vero Beach

Melbourne Beachsider

Crime stats: Beachsiders safe at home

How safe are the communities of Melbourne Beach and Indialantic? Based on local and state crime d

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Year after son died, Joe Graves prays for Christmas miracle

Nearly a year after his 15-year-old son died in a boating accident in the Indian River Lagoon, Joe G

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Sheriff wanted to charge shooter in road-rage killing

Sheriff Deryl Loar said his detectives "truly wanted to make an arrest" in the aftermath of the dead

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Sticker shock on mainland from new home prices

Island buyers are used to homes priced at half a million dollars or more, but mainland buyers are no

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Vero Beach not nearly as seasonal as it once was

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us and winter residents and seasonal visitors have begun to return to

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One more amazing tale of a good teacher wronged

Given the lack of wisdom we've seen in too many of the positions taken by Schools Superintendent Mar

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Vero vet opens up about Vietnam War in new film

The weeks since their return home quickly turned to months, which grew into years, which have become

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Scammers used local identities to file for FEMA cash after Hurricane Irma

Two weeks after FEMA housing inspectors showed up at her Summerplace home, Helen Smith Barnet still