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Need a few laughs? Get ’em at Comedy Zone

Riverside Theatre invites you to rediscover your sense of humor this weekend as they reopen Comedy Z


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You have your choice now of either entertaining yourself at home or heading out. Of course, if you h


Coming Up: Naturally, ELC is the outdoor place to be

Time to get out and soothe your pent-up soul. For the gentlest of ways to wake up your slumber, ther


No waiting online for delightful Disney fare

This is typically the time when children will ask to go to Disney World. You can keep those little o

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New Symphonic Association trio earns ‘zeal’ of approval

Expanding the reach of classical music is at the heart of the board of directors of the Indian River


‘Digital Theatre’ offers quick entertainment fix

Theater, movies, wine and inspiration. They are all at your fingertips. So grab your cup of coffee,


COMING UP: Expand online horizons with ‘Whitney Screens’

Separate-ness makes for unexpected connected-ness. For proof, all you need to do is sit down at your


Pause and effect: Artist makes creative use of free time

Current events have been unexpected but surprisingly kind to potter Charles Nalle. It has given him


Ballet Vero brings ‘Clarity’ to current situation

Dealing with the Quarantine Blues isn’t just hard for people wanting to get out to see something a


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Get out of those pajamas and get dressed. You’re going out, for heaven’s sake. Via the Internet,


COMING UP: A web on intriguing online entertainment options

Don’t sit there all isolated with nothing to do. Join the gang and go online to find quite a wide


Riverside bids premature adieu to its lavish ‘La Cage’

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Riverside Theatre closed the final curtain on its production o