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St. Lucie Voice

Telemedicine expands across St. Lucie, state

Florida is late to the healthcare game – again. In the last legislative session, the state fail

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Hospital future may be clear by late September

If anyone is placing bets on whether Cleveland Clinic’s takeover bid for Indian River Medical Cent

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Hospital takeover agreement to be unveiled Sept. 25

It’s official: The long-awaited definitive agreement bringing Indian River Medical Center under th

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Cleveland Clinic seen moving quickly on telemedicine

Florida is late to the healthcare game – again. In the last legislative session, the legislatur

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Hospital District grapples with indigent care

Over the past month or so, Hospital District trustees, one by one, have gotten a very different view

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Atlantic Classical Orchestra moves to Community Church

When Atlantic Classical Orchestra’s David Amado decided to perform Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” l

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Indian River proposing $50 copay for ER

Even as lawyers research whether it’s legal for Indian River Medical Center to charge poor people

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Boca hospital will not be joining Vero in Cleveland Clinic

Boca Raton Regional Hospital, a hoped-for link in the future Cleveland Clinic Florida expansion that

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No change coming in Vero nursing home ratings

The annual Medicare rating of nursing homes will not be updated this August, so two of Indian River

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Cleveland Clinic CFO sees Oct. 1 close for merger

The CFO of Cleveland Clinic, Steven Glass, has apparently blocked out Monday, Oct. 1 as his hoped-fo

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IRMC becoming comprehensive stroke center

In a bold move, Indian River Medical Center has signed an exclusive contract with three highly speci

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Whole Family Health rescinds job offer to proposed CEP after 32963 finds he is target of an active investigation

The search for a new CEO is back on at Whole Family Health Center. The clinic’s first choice fo