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Ballet Vero branches out with talented konverjdans trio

Since its inception, Ballet Vero Beach founders Adam Schnell and Camilo Rodriguez have relied on the

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Hospital District set to expand services at Gifford Health Center

For Gifford community advocates Freddie Woolfork and Tony Brown, the Hospital District staff and tru

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Steward moving fast to replace top execs at Sebastian hospital

Steward Health is moving fast to replace top executives at Sebastian River Medical Center in the wak

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Lawnwood owner branches out with freestanding ERs

HCA, owner of Fort Pierce’s Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, is moving forward quickly with plans

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Sebastian River hospital rocked by changes at top

As Indian River Medical Center officials celebrated a unanimous vote to become part of the Cleveland

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Coming soon: Hospital wars?

Relief for Indian River Medical Center’s crowded emergency department may be coming from an unlike

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New Cleveland board to have familiar faces

In the historic vote to join Cleveland Clinic, the Indian River Medical Center board of directors wa

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Healthy dose of hospital news

Last week was a memorable one for Treasure Coast hospitals. The day before the final vote on the

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More hospital news from Sebastian, Stuart & St. Lucie

To the south and the north of Vero, other hospitals were also making news last week. The day befo

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‘The stars have aligned’: How two Midwesterners led the way in forging the Cleveland Clinic deal

It was, after a quarter of a century of bickering, back-biting, and open hostility, an amazing momen

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Cleveland takeover of hospital moves ahead

Even before this week’s final votes on a Cleveland Clinic takeover of Indian River Medical Center,

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Hospital District to fund school violence prevention

The Hospital District last week performed a last-minute resuscitation of a program the board itself