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St. Edward’s releases tentative August reopening plan

Amid an escalating pandemic, Stuart Hirstein took his first action as incoming head of St. Edward’

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New self-administered COVID-19 swab tests hold promise for wide-scale testing at home

This week, as lines lengthen at COVID-19 testing sites, Florida’s nursing homes and assisted livin

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Local Cleveland Clinic hospital president sees ‘critical’ need for a mask mandate

In early April, experts were frantically trying to model when the COVID-19 pandemic would peak. Mid-

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Unknown phone number might be a ‘contact tracer’

Answer your phone! While many of us in recent times have stopped answering calls from telephone n

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20 residents test positive, two die, at Rosewood Manor

Twenty residents have tested positive for COVID-19, including two who died, at Rosewood Manor, a 50-

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CEO Barsoum leaves Cleveland Clinic Florida hospital

Dr. Wael Barsoum, a key figure in the merger that made Indian River Medical Center part of Cleveland

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‘Please’ hasn’t worked; time for ‘Mandatory’

A strong majority of non-governmental leaders and other prominent members of our community vehementl

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Indian River Estates questions 18 COVID-19 positives

The management of Indian River Estates said Friday that at least eight of the 18 asymptomatic COVID-

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Slow results render nursing home tests useless

After months of waiting for widespread testing, Florida’s nursing homes and assisted living facili

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Local hospitals urge patients to seek timely care at their ER

Private-equity backed Steward Health Care, owner of Sebastian River Medical Center, has been taken o

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Cleveland Clinic folds its testing tent, but warns against relaxing social distancing

Twelve weeks after Cleveland Clinic Indian River unveiled its drive-through testing process for COVI

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State finally doing more COVID-19 testing in elder care facilities

An ambitious statewide testing initiative is finally drilling down on Vero Beach’s real-time COVID