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Assisted living residents finally getting vaccine

Six weeks after long-term care facilities were given top priority for the COVID-19 vaccine, and more

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Antibody treatment available here for high-risk patients

A COVID-19 treatment that may help high-risk patients avoid having to go to the hospital has arrived

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Vaccine or placebo? Pfizer trial participant waits to find out

Janet Hornreich Winikoff, like thousands of other residents of our county, is waiting to find out he

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Frustration as thousands here seek scarce vaccinations

Forget vaccine clinics. What the county’s 65-and-over population really needs now are blood pressu

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2020: The Year of Living Pandemically

It developed with breathtaking rapidity. Last New Year’s Eve, all we knew was that a pneumonia-

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Will rollout of vaccine proceed smoothly here?

As plans for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine begin to come together, thousands of Indian River Cou

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Will third surge of COVID-19 find us better prepared?

Three surges into the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian River County would appear to be hoping that this rou

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Cleveland Clinic forges connection with highly rated Fort Myers hospital system

In a move that expands Cleveland Clinic’s sphere of influence to southwest Florida, the Florida ar

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Vero cardiologist: COVID-19 can cause heart damage

Dr. Tudor Scridon nurtures more than 40 bonsai in his backyard, spending his off-hours snipping and

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John’s Island closes dining rooms for rest of month after positive COVID-19 tests

John’s Island Club – one of the most prestigious and COVID-cautious venues in Florida – tempor

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Vero researcher involved in COVID-19 drug trials

The news last week that the FDA had given emergency use authorization for a COVID-19 treatment drew

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COVID-19 increase among long-term care residents – but not staff – baffles experts

A recent uptick in coronavirus cases among residents – but not staff – in Florida long-term care