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Natural gas won’t be coming soon to Vero’s barrier island

Residents in Indian River Shores recently found questionnaires in their mailboxes asking if they wou

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COVID-19 cases on island drop to summer low

Vero’s barrier island communities have had the lowest number of new coronavirus cases for a three-

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Vero Beach City Council decides to focus on riverfront development costs

NEWS ANALYSIS — Vero Beach officials have decided to nail down many of the costs of the city’s p

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No election needed: Shores to usher in 3 new council members

Indian River Shores residents will not vote for new town council members this fall since only three

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Five candidates join race for Vero Council

Five people have qualified to run for three seats on the Vero Beach City Council in November, and th

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New COVID-19 deaths slow in past week locally

Finally this week, the number of new COVID-19 deaths locally slowed somewhat, with six additional de

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Vero Council seems likely to defer focusing on ‘economic feasibility’ of riverfront project

NEWS ANALYSIS - Despite being told by their design consultant to decide quickly on a budget for the

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COVID death toll doubles during August

As August came to a close, the daily number of new positive cases of COVID-19 here had dwindled to s

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Indian River Shores poised for a most unusual election

Not since 1977 has the Town of Indian River Shores had the opportunity to usher in three new council

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Five file for three Vero Council seats

VERO BEACH - When the qualifying period for November’s Vero Beach municipal election closed at noo

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One week left to qualify for Vero Council election

News Analysis — With three council positions on the November ballot, including an open seat made p

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Riverfront planner tells Vero Council: There is no Santa

City of Vero Beach officials spent eight months tweaking five different potential plans for the rede