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Infectious disease specialist advises: Get the flu shot

Amid the push for increased COVID-19 vaccination to halt the pandemic, U.S. health experts are urgin

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Jam-tastic! Jake & pals wow ’em at Flamingo Weekend

Jake Owen was welcomed home by adoring fans during a jam-packed weekend titled ‘The Flamingo’ to

32963 Features Health

Treating common hand ailments like ‘trigger finger’

When you think about it, there is very little we do without the use of our hands. In fact, we use ou

32963 Features Health

Cardiologist: ‘A failing heart does not mean a failure forever’

There are few diagnoses more frightening than “heart failure,” but in reality it doesn’t mean

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Highly effective shingles vaccine urged for over-50 set

With all the talk about the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s important not to overlook another vaccine that

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New Cleveland Clinic doc sheds light on managing diabetes

Dr. Alexander Williams is one of Cleveland Clinic’s newest hires, joining the Indian River Hospita

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Dentist’s in-house lab speeds up delivery of dentures

Dr. Julie Cromer, of Cromer and Cairns Dental, learned early on that there’s more to dentistry tha

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Rest easier, patients: ‘Anesthesia has gotten a lot safer’

Anesthesiologist Dr. Philip Nye has some good news for those facing surgery: “Anesthesia has gotte

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His own football injuries inspired chiropractor’s career

“I first thought about becoming a chiropractor when I got hit in the back while playing quarterbac

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Many young athletes struggle with mental health issues

When Olympic star Simone Biles withdrew from competition due to mental health issues, it shocked the

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High school athletes can count on this winning medical team

It won’t be long before Friday night lights shine at the Citrus Bowl at Vero Beach High School and

32963 Features Health

Cleveland Clinic earns upgraded stroke care certification

The high quality of stroke care at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital was recognized in June whe