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Is School Board ready to comply with deseg order?

Is it possible that the county finally has a School Board eager to comply with a 52-year-old federal


St. Ed’s students have outdoor class down to a science

Class has barely started when 11-year-old Payton Andrews shouts, “There’s an Anhinga,” as she

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Panel sees busing as way to promote racial equity in schools here

Remember the battles in cities around the country in the ’60s and ’70s over court-ordered busing

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School district employee arrested in Maine for assaulting a police officer placed on leave

Randall Hunt, an Indian River County School District employee who was involved in a racially-motivat

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School Board authorizes $175,000 salary for a new superintendent as part of search process

The Indian River County School Board is willing to pay a new superintendent up to $175,000. In retur

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Equity Committee hoping School Board will set more specific desegregation goals

Representatives from the NAACP and school district agree the School Board needs to set more specific

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Community forums create profile of ideal Indian River School Superintendent

The next superintendent of the Indian River County School District needs to be able to unite the com

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Judge issues split decision in mediation between school district and teachers union

School teachers will pay less for health insurance than the School District wanted, but will not rec

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Dorian has impact on schools even though no buildings were damaged

After Vero Beach’s brush with Hurricane Dorian, students and teachers have resumed their normal sc

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Will School Board try to skirt law in search for Superintendent?

A search firm hired to find a new school superintendent is encouraging School Board members to skirt

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School Board’s search firm has a shaky record

The search firm that the School Board hired to lead the effort to find a new superintendent for Indi

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Rendell said to hide info from School Board

Former Superintendent Mark Rendell faces the prospect of a lawsuit for withholding financial informa