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David Jones

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Legendary coach, dynamic duo have Satellite High on track for serious success

Anyone who has ever watched Doug Butler take a half-dozen steps on a track gushes in amazement. H

Melbourne Beachsider

Enthusiasm running high with Melbourne football

The move seemed a little strange, but comfortable, both to new Melbourne High Bulldogs head football

Melbourne Beachsider

‘Eire’ of excitement as hurling gains local following

Archie Rucknell is introducing a growing sport called hurling to the region, and his efforts are pay

Melbourne Beachsider

Golf pro job is stroke of good fortune

Things happened quickly for Fletcher Sharp of Melbourne Beach. In early August he celebrated his

Melbourne Beachsider

Pride of the Yankees! Little Leaguers raise banner for MelBeach with district title

Assistant Coach Kevin Barney remembers checking on his son Landon, quietly peeking through a cracked

Melbourne Beachsider

HOLDING COURT: Passion for tennis runs in this family

On the eve of Father’s Day, proud papa Rick Boysen and his daughter, Maya, gathered at their kitch