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‘Cuki’ case just got kookier

The 45-foot sailboat that broke free from its Key West mooring during Hurricane Irma and ended up ne

Melbourne Beachsider

Milman appeals double life term

Convicted killer Joseph Milman has appealed the sentence handed down by Judge Morgan Laur Reinman on

Melbourne Beachsider

3 town manager hopefuls quizzed

Melbourne Beach commissioners last week interviewed three of four remaining candidates who made the

Melbourne Beachsider

County may try to salvage ‘green’ if golf course hits financial rough

Local golfers don’t want Spessard Holland Golf Course messed with, or privatized. And they definit

Melbourne Beachsider

Vacant town manager post attracts 10 applicants

The search for a new Melbourne Beach town manager to replace Tim Day progressed to the next level th

Melbourne Beachsider

Beachside towns waive permit fees for storm recovery

In a gesture of goodwill, authorities in most beachside towns and in the county have waived fees on

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Confusion reigns as customers swamped with utility alerts

The past two weeks, barrier island utility customers have been bombarded with a flurry of alerts abo

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Life term less likely despite slay conviction

During the murder trial of Joseph Howard Milman, the prosecution put more than a dozen witnesses on

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Sordid tale had depressing common denominator: drugs

Through his early and mid 20s, Joseph Howard Milman hung around with teenagers like Justin Howard, t

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Budget plan’s conservation cuts draw ire

So far, the most exciting part of the Brevard County government’s $1.1 billion preliminary 2017-18

Melbourne Beachsider

One potential wave of doubt amid sea of damning testimony

Among the cast of characters who testified in the murder trial of Joseph Howard Milman last week, Mi

Melbourne Beachsider

Towns’ budgets reflect boost in property values

The proposed budgets for Indialantic and Melbourne Beach for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 have