Melbourne Chart House – An oldie but very goodie

Once upon a time, we were excited by the arrival of a Chart House in Vero Beach. We viewed the open


BONZ: Bonz learns Lhasa ’bout Tibet from Daisy Cookie

This week I had a very interesting yap with a Pure Bred Lhasa Apso, Daisy Cookie Lim, who’s descen

On Faith

ON FAITH: Your life is your sermon … what are you saying?

Years and years ago at a preaching seminar, the leaders distributed materials to those of us in atte

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IRCSO: Man in bushes scares passerby’s in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH — A 22-year-old man was arrested after deputies said he hid in bushes while intoxicated

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Ocean Park penthouse offers unparalleled elegance in an ideal location

The 2-story penthouse at Ocean Park Condo, adjacent to Humiston Park on Ocean Drive is, in a word, b

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Man stabs girlfriend during argument at Vero Beach home, officials say

VERO BEACH — A 46-year-old man was recently arrested after deputies said he stabbed his girlfriend

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Vero Beach officers credited with saving bridge jumper

VERO BEACH —  Officer Richard Chimenti was just four feet away from a man who jumped off a bridge

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STEP system sewer infrastructure on island now complete

It was big news back in 2015 when the City of Vero Beach began to install new sewer infrastructure o

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Officers save man from jumping off bridge in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH — Two Vero Beach police officers saved a man after he tried to jump off a bridge last F