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We are Driving Success for Another Local Family

A Vehicle for Ms. Lewis and Her Children

 Ms. Lewis is a hard working mother in our community with two beautiful children, a smart charismatic little boy and a beautiful happy sweet little girl.  Ms. Lewis had been without a vehicle for a long time.  She had a job within walking distance to her home and her son’s day care center provided bus service for pick up and drop off.  Not having a vehicle was hard, but she was making it work.  When her daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome, Ms. Lewis needed to rely on friends and family even more to get the baby to her many doctors appointments. 

 Ms. Lewis heard about the Driving Success program from a contact at United Against Poverty and did not hesitate to apply.  She completed the Driving Success application and met all of the programs qualifications.  Driving Success was able to obtain a vehicle through a community partnership with Charlie’s Towing of Vero Beach.  The vehicle needed new tires, a new battery, an oil change, a tune up and other repairs to get the vehicle safe, cleaned and ready to distribute to Ms. Lewis and her children. 

Through a generous donation from George E. Warren, LLC, combined with donations from individuals like you,  Driving Success was able to pay for the necessary repairs.  We are proud and honored to award Ms. Lewis. a “new to her” 2004 Honda Pilot.  In addition, Charlie’s Towing of Vero Beach donated a brand new car seat for Ms. Lewis’ son.

In the few weeks since Ms. Lewis has had her vehicle she has been able to get her daughter to and from doctors appointments, she is able to visit her son’s day care which she had not visited before; and she has been able to take on a second job which provides more earning potential for the family.

Driving Success has the vision that all individuals in our community have reliable transportation.  Our mission is to increase independence and self-sufficiency in our community by providing a path to vehicle ownership for hardworking individuals and families to keep them working and driving toward success. 

We can only do this work through the generosity of our community.  Vehicle donations and financial contributions help fund this need. 

You can help by spreading the word or supporting in any way you can.  Like us on Facebook and share our messages with your friends and neighbors.  Let them know that Driving Success accepts vehicle donations whether the vehicle runs or not.  Let them know that financial contributions help buy tires, batteries, alternators and brakes for hard working families in our community.

Thank you for all you can do, from the bottom of our hearts!

We are Driving Success for Another Local FamilyMichele & Kevin Peters

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