“Boomsday” On Demand!

Enjoy our latest ‘Watch at Home’ performance.

Chicago Dance Crash in Boomsday

Please note that Chicago Dance Crash has been incredibly generous to allow Ballet Vero Beach to provide this service to our patrons prior to the Chicago premiere of “Boomsday”. Do not share the link to the film, promote the link (or the fact that there is even a film of the production) on social media, or in any way otherwise compromise this wonderful gesture by Chicago Dance Crash.

Also note: due to circumstances beyond our control, the audio quality of the Watch At Home is not up to our usual standards (visually the film is stunning, as were the performances). For this reason, we are only offering $10 access.

We are not saying do not purchase the film, in fact we think this is a production everyone should see, especially if you cannot attend a live performance, however we seek to be transparent in all our offerings and we did not feel right about not sharing that we were not pleased with the audio quality of the film.If you love the performance or want to pay more because you love us, simply purchase multiple tickets or donate through our website. And while you are at it, Chicago Dance Crash deserves your support as well.

Please click the image above to purchase access!

View the production through August 25 only!

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