Bonzo says Boston Terrier Carlito’s way cool!

Carlito [Photo: Kaila Jones]

This week’s innerview-ee, Carlito Arseneaux, is a purebred Boston Terrier, but not a Snobnose. In fact, he’s a rescue, an one Cool Kibbles poocheroo.

Carlito anna lady met me an my assistant at the door. Carlito’s black-an-white coat is designed so he looks like he’s wearin’ a tux. A real stylish Gentledog. An those EARS! They have a personality all their own, big triangles that stand straight up, ’cept when he was listenin’ or watchin’. Then they got all alert, or flop-over, or turn side-to-side. At first, Carlito seemed shy, peepin’ out from behind the lady’s legs. He hadda bright blue an green rubber bone in his mouth.

“Good morning. I’m Bonzo an this is my assistant. It is a true pleasure.”

“Goob borig, Bisto Bodso. I’b Cah-lee-doh add thiz ib by mobba, Dubby,” he said.

“I, um, if you could, you know …” I nodded at the bone still clenched in his mouth.

Setting it down carefully, he stepped forward.

“Beg pardon. I’m a liddle cautious. No offense. Plus, I uh-DOOR tug-of-war so I always have my rubber bone ready, just in case.” (He nose-nudged it fondly.) “This is my Momma, Debbi. Let’s go sit down.”

We followed Carlito to his back yard, a cozy, pretty spot, quiet an peaceful.

“So, tell me your story: How you found your Forever Famly, what you like to do, your pals, stuff like that. Whenever you’re ready.”

He jumped onto his Momma’s lap and began.

“I am my Momma’s first dog. She thought she PROBLY wanted a dog but she wasn’t Totally Sure so she decided to foster one first. She thought she’d try a Boston Terrier, so she checked with Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida.

“Meanwhile, me anna few others BTs had been brought to Florida from Alabama in a big special pooch transport truck. First we went to a town called Tal-uh-HASS-ee, then one called MEL-burn, which is where Momma met us. The nice rescue humans thought I was probly about 3 in people years. (I’m 6 now). Momma agreed to foster me an another BT, Apollo, until we were ready to be ’dopted by a Forever Famly. I was glad havin’ Apollo to play with. We liked to imagine what our Forever Homes would be like. Then he got adopted. I missed him, but I really, really liked Momma. I love snugglin’ an lap-sittin’ an Momma does too, an I felt happy an se-CURE with her. (I called her The Very Nice Lady then, cuz I figured I’d be leavin’ soon as my Forever Famly found me.)

“To tell you the truth, it was sorta trial-an-error at first, since I was her first pooch an I wasn’t what you’d call well-trained. Still, I was secretly hopin’ she’d decide I was The Pooch, so I wouldn’t haff to leave. I decided to Be Brave No Matter What, but I admit, I was con-CERNED.

“After about 4 months, I got cleared for adoption. When Momma got the call, she looked at me an I looked at her. DOG! was I nervous. Then she said, ‘It’s You an Me, Carlito!’ I was so happy an ruh-LEEVED I almost fell over inna heap. I jumped into her lap an gave her, like, a zillion kisses.”

“Woof, Carlito, what a great story!”

“I KNOW! I can’t buh-leeve that was 3 years ago. I sit on Momma’s lap an assist her when she’s workin’ on her computer. She calls me a Love Bug. (She doesn’t really think I’m a bug. It’s just one of those weird human things.) An she says my birthday’s on Valentine’s Day. She calls me Carlito the Burrito cuz I love snuggling inna soft blanket, or pillows, or under the bed covers, or under a nice fresh pile of laundry. I’m drawn to cozy liddle spots. Momma also calls me her Liddle Man, an says she loves me ‘Quirks an All!’ Isn’t that SO Crispy Dog Biscuits?”

“Totally!” I concurred. “What’s a Quirk?”

“I don’t ackshully know. But I guess I’ve got some. They don’t itch or anything.”

“Well, that’s good,” I said. “So, whaddya do for fun? Got any pooch pals?”

“I enjoy playin’ with those teeny liddle birds on the beach. I’m super fast, but those liddle featherballs are FASTER! As to pooch pals, ummm, there’s Buddy an Lucy in Texas; Ramona an Veda in Montana (Ramona’s in Dog Heaven now); Coco in Richmond; here, there’s Layla, I think she’s a Labradoodle, an Scout, a Lab. I love RUNNIN’ an JUMPIN’, too. PLUS, although I appear to be, well, on the liddle side, I am, in fact, The Big Dog in the Room, an, buh-leeve me, all my pooch pals know that. Just sayin’.”

“I don’t doubt that for a second,” I quickly responded.

“I equally enjoy the company of humans. Never met one I didn’t like. I love visitin’ Nana an Papa. Papa takes me on long walks, an we discuss lotsa important stuff. I’m still learning about the liddle humans, especially that Very Important Rool: ‘Do Not Knock Over A Toddler.’”

“It appears you like travelin’,” I segued.

“Indeed. In the car, I navigate. Onna plane, I nap inna cozy carrier under Momma’s seat. I’ve also been to D.C. an Cuh-NETTY-cut. In Really Cold Places Up North, I wear an Outfit. I have coats an swedders. An costumes. I have a Santa suit, an one time, for Halloween, I was Black Panther. I totally rocked that one.”

“Word!” I agreed. “Any fav foodstuffs?”

“I’m allowed No People Food, an I NEVER eat stuff off the floor. An I’m a Gobbler. Momma got me this Puzzle Dish that s’pose to slow me down. Well, I took one look at it an thought, ‘Poo on THAT.’ So I flipped it over and gobbled my meal. I mean, it’s part of who I AM, you know?”


Headin’ home, I was thinking about charming Carlito, a Truly BIG liddle dog: Big Personality, Big Heart. An Big Ears.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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