Bolton Dreamscapes to be featured at Vero Beach Center for Spiritual Care

Whimsical painter and collage artist Bonnie Bolton will show her latest work at the Center for Spiritual Care in Vero Beach Nov. 7-27 in a show she calls “The Unbound Imagination.”

Viewers can preview the exhibition by tuning into a special Facebook livestream Wednesday, Nov. 4, at 1 p.m. It will be hosted by Andrew Galuska with critic Ellen Fischer. Fischer will talk with Bolton about her art as they walk through the show, providing insights into the way Bolton works and what her art represents.

The livestream will be part of the weekly Community Church of Vero Beach arts and artists series and will be available for viewing live and later on the CCOVB Facebook and Center websites.

“This is a perfect example of collaboration between cultural venues during the COVID crisis,” said Center Director Carol Ludwig. “Andrew produces a lively, engaging weekly show that we’re delighted to be part of. He brings Bonnie’s exceptionally charming art to a wide Vero Beach audience that is going to be captivated by it.”

Galuska, Community’s music director, is a virtuoso organist, pianist and art enthusiast. Fischer is a noted painter and art commentator, an art appraiser, and a former Vero Beach museum curator and private gallery director.

Bolton works in a space between childhood innocence and adult dreamscapes. “I forge my own path by opening a door to a playful and unexpected universe,” Bolton says. “My dreams and reveries are filled with vivid colors and a feeling of joy and playfulness. I think this is reflected in my work.”

Because of public safety concerns, the exhibition will be open at the Center for viewing by reservation only following CDC guidelines. Appointment times may be arranged by calling the Center at 772-567-1233. The Center for Spiritual Care is located at 1550 24th Street in Vero Beach, two blocks north of the Main Public Library. Its website is

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