A Birder’s Guide to Migration via Zoom tonight

A Birder’s Guide to Migration in Indian River County: A zoom talk by Will Johnson and Julian Grudens on Thursday, September 10, 2020 – 5:00PM to 6:00PM.

Attend this Zoom meeting presented by experienced local birders for an overview of resources and approaches for predicting migratory movements, with specific focus on the Treasure Coast of Florida. This will include interpreting weather radar, wind patterns, and more to better understand when and where migratory birds will arrive during the spring and fall migratory periods.

This talk will focus primarily on the movements and ecology of Neotropical – Nearctic migrants, with tips on how to maximize sightings and encounter events such as “fallouts”. Also, some background on the biology of birds, migration strategies, and places in our county to go birding during migration.

For websites and other resources, see the links provided along with this event and the recorded talk in our PIAS video archives. This will include National Weather Service radar, Cornell’s Birdcast, eBird, helpful smartphone applications, and more.

Click HERE for info.

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