Police find gun, knives in man’s car after crash


VERO BEACH — A man was taken to a mental healthcare facility Tuesday after police found a loaded gun, ammunition and more than two dozen knives in his car following a crash, officers said.

The 35-year-old Vero Beach man was not hurt, Vero Beach police spokesman Master Officer Darrell Rivers said. Officers determined he needed an involuntary mental health evaluation, or a Baker Act.

Rivers said the man had a concealed carry license and will not be charged.

The man was driving out of the Sea Quay condominiums about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday when he crashed into a utility pole, Rivers said. The wreck involving a Ford Crown Victoria happened in the 4800 block of State Road A1A, in front of Pelican Plaza.

Several witnesses called police saying the driver was holding a gun, Rivers said. The .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun was not pointed at anyone, police said.

Officers – who noticed the driver still had the weapon – cautiously approached the car. Police ordered the man to step out of the vehicle and to drop the gun.

After several commands, the man got out and tossed the gun on the floorboard of the car, Rivers said. Inside the vehicle, officers found a magazine clip in the glove compartment, and 25 to 30 knives throughout the car, Rivers said.

Officers seized all of the weapons in the car, Rivers said.

Police took the man to Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital for an evaluation, Rivers said. The man’s vehicle was towed from the scene.

Photos provided by Vero Beach Police Department

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Marbs July 15, 2020

Good idea taking him to a mental health facility. Look into this further officers if you haven’t already. A 35 yr old guy legally carrying a handgun in a Crown Victoria.

Hockeymom July 16, 2020

Maybe he was going to the range? If he had a CWP he’s allowed to legally carry all that as the Rivers said. So why baker act him. Maybe he hit his head. Do you know how many people are buying guns these days? Have you not noticed what’s going on around the country? What is his background, military? Not just an everyday avid shooter? Maybe he competes in shooting competitions and knife throwing. Maybe not here we have them but there are hundreds around the country.
Much more info should of been added. This makes the man look crazy and he probably isn’t. Obviously not if he has his CWP. Shame on this article for not putting more background info into it. Instead you want to be first in putting something out about a guy with guns, with absolutely no facts as to why.

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