Vero Beach Chamber Orchestra cancels remainder of season

What a crazy season this has been for the VBCO! A couple of weeks ago, we were celebrating the arrival of our fancy new programs, representing a significant advancement in our advertising and marketing operations, and we were looking forward to two challenging concerts and a great after-concert party!

Today, we find ourselves in a very different situation. We have decided to cancel our April 26 concert, so we are 0-2 for the 2020 season! Our plan is to reschedule the same program for our 2021 season, as long as our soloists are still available. Until you hear from our music librarian, Dwight Holmes, please hold on to your music. If you are leaving the area and will not be playing with us next season, please contact Dwight Holmes,

The occurrences of the last few weeks have been dizzying and disruptive, to say the least.  But as we settle into a temporary but very different lifestyle, this unexpected interruption has given members of the Board a chance to consider just how far the VBCO has come in the past 12 years, and to take stock of some of the demands that come with growth and success.  Growth and success bring “happy problems” – those challenges that organizations face as they mature and become more successful and integral to a community’s fabric. We are, indeed, experiencing some of those growing pains.

The VBCO Board believes it is time for some “brainstorming” to help define the future path for the orchestra.  The most critical need at this point in time is more administrative help, help that we will either need to pay for (think: “fundraising to pay for staff”) or secure through volunteers (i.e., subcommittees of the Board).  The musicians in this (or any) orchestra are the lifeblood of the organization, so musician participation in the discussions about the best ways to meet the next sets of opportunities and challenges will be very important.

While we can’t make any specific plans right now, eventually we will schedule a meeting to request input and ideas from all section principals (or their designates) as we consider the best way to handle the growth of the group.  A more detailed agenda with talking points will follow.  Other interested musicians may also participate.

While it is very unfortunate that our season was so unceremoniously derailed, we still want to thank you all for your generous contributions of your time and talent to our group, and we will look forward to a much less adventurous season coming up.

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