‘Living Poetry’ solo exhibition at Raw Space in January

‘Living Poetry,’ a solo exhibition by Claudio Castillo, will be on display at Raw Space Jan. 3-31, opening with a reception on Jan. 3 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Raw Space is located at 1795 Old Dixie Hwy., Vero Beach. Information, call (305) 213-9411 or (772) 410-9126.

Claudio Castillo studied Film and he has lived between New York, Madrid, London and Miami. His work has been shown in museums and galleries in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The work of Claudio Castillo can be described as media art or digital art. Within this category, generative art is a “new” way of creating art using mathematical algorithms and diverse computer technologies (science) as tools to generate artistic imagery.

Castillo is one of the few artists creating generative art in the world; his work is mostly figurative and it is never the computer who “creates”. The computer simply “computes” sequences of imagery created by the artist and displays them in a random fashion so that they don’t repeat or don’t do so in millions of years.

Living Poetry is a selection of works from different facets of Castillo’s career, and the evolution of his work. Some of the work are interactive, and two need internet connection. The pieces perform according to the live feeds they receive from news, the stock market and weather. The Moon and tidal phases are predicted. Others use the camera as a sensor to react to motion. A peculiarity of his work is that every viewing and print is unique, as the work has an approximate chance of repeating of one in 400,000 to 8 trillion years. By using the touch screen, viewers can stop the generative process motion and make a print. The exhibit closes with a showing of those unique printed moments.

Generative art is by far one of the clearest expressions of a path in the contemporary world. Never has the idea of an “open artwork” as postulated by the semiologist Umberto Eco been as valid and immediate as now that this type of art is a reality in process Living and unbearably eternal.

“Bonsai” (2016) – Watercolor, animation, software. Random, non-linear, generative artwork. The moon and Tidal phases are in sync with those of Miami’s. Size variable. The bonsai tree turns 360 degrees every minute, and in one, 24-hour cycle, completes a full revolution. Every hour a unique animation occurs and the blooms that appear represent the hours.

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