American Icon offering cheers to American Heroes

In Honor of Veterans Day, American Icon is launching a custom craft brew created by American Icon in collaboration with a Florida veteran hops farmer. American Icon Brewery will be brewing a specialty beer to honor all those who have served this great nation. The American Hero Pale Ale is a nod to the brave individuals who keep this nation safe on a daily basis.

Not only will this beer honor veterans, but a local Florida veteran collaborated with American Icon’s Brewmaster Jesse Robles to craft this special brew. American veteran Sebastien Lajeunesse is a farmer who grows his own hops at St. Johns Hops in Sorrento, Fla., which will be incorporated in this special brew.

The American Hero Pale Ale (4.8% ABV) has a citrusy aroma and juicy hop flavor with a lighter body for a refreshing brew.

This beer will be lifted in cheers to remember those who served by donating 10 percent of the profits from every purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project. This effort recognizes the staggering need our nation has to support veterans who have made unbelievable sacrifices.

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