Shores’ new traffic light on A1A near town hall now operational

New signalized intersection on A1A. [Photo: Kaila Jones]

The fully activated pedestrian crosswalk and traffic light at the intersection of A1A and Fred Tuerk Drive in Indian River Shores is now live, and drivers will get a ticket if they run the red light.

Shores Vice Mayor Bob Auwaerter sent out a press release last week to let the public know when traffic officials flipped the switch on the new on-demand equipment.

“The Town for years had asked for a pedestrian crosswalk light and had gotten nowhere. It was only when my wife Nancy took up the cause that this project got done,” Auwaerter said.

Nancy Auwaerter wrote to then-Gov. Rick Scott about the matter and he lit a fire under the project. So any pedestrian grateful to be able to stroll cross A1A by pushing a button rather than waiting for an opening in traffic can thank her.

Any driver unhappy about encountering another red light on A1A can blame Scott.

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