Police still searching for 4th person involved in public sex romp

VERO BEACH — Police continue to search for a 52-year-old woman accused of engaging in public sex acts – after the arrests of three others also involved – that occurred in the downtown area near businesses.

Officers are looking for Lisa Goldenberg. Police previously arrested Francis Rhinehart, 57, Peter Jankowski, 47, and Myra Olin, 56, on charges of disorderly conduct for participating in the acts.

Police said the two couples involved were all homeless. Jankowski and Rhinehart remained at the Indian River County Jail; Rhinehart was held on $500 bond while Jankowksi was sentenced to 32 days in jail.

Olin was released Sunday after serving nine days in jail, records show. Police described the incident, which happened in a city parking lot near a busy intersection, as “appalling.”

The acts were recorded and put on a Vero Beach neighborhood watch group on Facebook, a social media platform, reports show. It was unclear if the 19-second video had been taken down.

Several witnesses called police after spotting the couples engaging in sexual activity about 3:30 p.m. April 28 in the 1900 block of 14th Avenue, reports show. The witnesses gave dispatchers descriptions of the four people involved, took pictures and video and sent them to police.

An officer drove up and saw a man, identified as Jankowski, pulling up his pants while a woman, identified as Olin, was underneath him, reports show. The officer asked the couple what they were doing.

They replied, “We were just messing around,” reports show. A second officer spoke to another couple seen lying 10 feet away from the first pair.

The couple was identified as Rhinehart and Goldenberg, police said. The officer asked the couple what they were doing.

Goldenberg said “they got caught up in the moment,” reports show. No sexual organs were seen during the incidents, Vero Beach police Lt. John Pedersen said.

Police arrested Olin May 10 and Jankowski and Rhinehart May 11 on a warrant. Officers continue to search for Goldenberg.



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