LETTER: Reuse waterline is good for all

John’s Island Water Management recently proposed the installation of a waterline running underneath a small portion of Indian River Lagoon to bring much needed reuse irrigation water to John’s Island residents.

This is a sound proposal which will be beneficial not only to John’s Island but also to the County and ultimately other island communities.  While this project will be entirely self-funded by John’s Island with no taxpayer dollars, the ownership of the reuse waterline will be turned over to the County which will benefit from its installation by receiving the revenue generated by selling irrigation reuse water to the island residents.  While the waterline would immediately benefit John’s Island, the County will in the future use it to deliver irrigation water to other island communities as well.

This waterline is essential to maintaining the quality of our lives on the barrier island.  And it is not an unusual project.  Underwater lines have been safely in use for decades throughout Florida and here in Vero Beach and along the Treasure Coast.  There is simply no reason for any concerns, environmental or otherwise.

Environmental and construction-related concerns are a non-issue.  Planners have assured us that every effort will be made to minimize noise and disruption during the drilling process, while scientists and subject matter experts have confirmed the practical non-existence of any potential impact to local ecosystems.  Another route across bridges and over the water several miles north would not be any more environmentally safe and it would be less useful to John’s Island.

Our project will meet the highest standards of design and construction.  It has been vetted by respected scientists and engineers and every safeguard will be taken.  Furthermore, we will work closely with the County to ensure that every aspect of this project meets all of their requirements and standards, as they will ultimately own it. We respect the environment in which we live and in John’s Island we share the community’s love for the Indian River Lagoon.  Our waterline project is entirely consistent with these important values.  And it is good for John’s Island, for the County, its taxpayers, and for all the residents of the barrier island.  It deserves everyone’s support.


Michael T. Korpar

General Manager
John’s Island POA, Inc.
1 Turtle Beach Road
Vero Beach, FL 32963

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