Coming Up: Get up for Aerial Antics shows at St. Ed’s

A tradition in Vero Beach for more than four decades, the Aerial Antics Youth Circus is coming to town (St. Edward’s School) this coming Thursday, Aug. 2, through Saturday Aug. 4. With the many hundreds of local youth who’ve participated over the years, you might well have kids or grandkids who have, or perhaps you yourself are an Aerial Antics alumnus or alumna. This week, more than 250 young people from 3 to 25 will soar, tumble, leap and twirl, sharing with the community the gymnastics, dance and aerial skills they’ve honed in the Vero Beach Recreation Department programs, year-round, including nine intense weeks of summer camp. “In light of all the negativity in the world,” say circus organizers, it seemed fitting to choose this year’s circus theme, “It’s Time to Inspire.” Show time: 7 p.m. all three days. Tickets: adults, $8; children and seniors, $7. 772-567-2144.


If you love, or want to check out, a weekend favorite in these parts – Riverside Theatre’s year-round themed weekend series (it’s always a let-your-hair-down party) – this is a great time to do it because it’s the last weekend for the month of July’s very popular “Vegas Nights,” Las Vegas-style casino parties with live entertainment. You can try your luck at blackjack, craps, roulette and poker, or challenge the one-armed-bandit. You play with Riverside’s funny money and, if luck’s being a lady, you might win a cool prize. On Friday and Saturday, there’s free live music and plenty of food and beverages all set up, outside “Live On the Loop,” then you can head inside for the Comedy Zone show. Friday night the music’s by classic rock ’n’ roll trio Radio Days; then, on Saturday, it’s acoustic rock with Red Hot Rooster. Making funny this weekend will be Comedy Zone comedians Jim Holder and Rahn Hortman. As an 18-year veteran of stand-up comedy, who headlined comedy clubs from coast-to-coast, Holder is still standing up and headlining. When he was getting his start at the Comedy Workshop in Houston, he saw one of the “Texas Outlaw Comics,” Bill Hicks, perform, and it forever changed the way he thought about comedy. “These guys owned the stage like rock stars! You never knew what was going to happen next!” His goal, says the show promo, is to make you laugh uncontrollably, striking close to home, sometimes silly, sometimes hard-hitting, always funny. Hortman, according to his bio, credits his fifth-grade teacher with encouraging his urge to entertain. Earning good grades, but constantly distracting his classmates with his jokes, his wise teacher gave him time at the end of class to do “his show” as long as he behaved for the first 45 minutes. Hortman likes the humor of Martin Lawrence and Bill Cosby, especially their ability to tell jokes without profanity and represent the “little guy,” thus his routine consists of profanity-free banter, with “pointed observations about everyday people that leave no one safe.” Free Live in the Loop concert, 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Comedy showcase times: 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets: $12 to $22. 772-231-6990.


How much fun is this! A troupe of students, 8-13, fresh out of Riverside Theatre’s iRascals Broadway Camp, performing Broadway hits with energy, moxie and no small talent. “iRascals Broadway” showcases these young performers in hits from Broadway shows this Friday, July 27, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. If you attend the 7 p.m. show, here’s a thought: Stick around to grab some dinner at Live in the Loop, and enjoy the live (free) music (see above). Show tickets: $10. 772-231-6990.


An evening of jazz sax: There’s just something so engaging about the saxophone. Mellow. Smoky. Spirited.  Relatable. One saxman even likened his sound to “a 6-cylinder Porsche engine chewing on granola, with a dollop of soft kitty fur.” You can pick your own adjectives this Saturday at the King Center’s Studio Theatre, when a pair of top flight sax men, Jeff Kashiwa and Steve Cole, take the stage. According to, Cole’s first album out of the gate, “Stay Awhile,” scored a pair of No. 1 hits and nabbed the Oasis Smooth Jazz Award for best new artist. And he just kept bringing it. Cole has performed/recorded with fellow luminaries like Junior Wells and Buddy Guy; soloed with the City of Prague Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; and is a founding member of the jazz trio The Sax Pack, with Marcus Anderson and Kashiwa. According to, Kashiwa’s career got a kick start with his Radio & Records chart-topping “Hyde Park (The Ah, Oooh Song),” and the Seattle native endeared himself to smooth jazz fans worldwide as a member of the Rippingtons for a decade. Ripps recordings like “Welcome to the St. James Club” and “Curves Ahead,” and solo recordings “Remember Catalina” and “Walkamile,” are just a few of his many jazz fan faves. Several years back, Disney hired him to teach its young band members, and today, between gigs, he continues to teach. Time: 7:30 p.m. Tickets: start at $54. 321-242-2219.


tropicalg July 28, 2018

Same show per year. Not in a mean way though. I have to feel bad for one girl though. She works very hard to be part of this show but,it seems like everyone just want to ignore her talent. I remember what Angie said to everyone especially to the little girl, “Everyone is a star and deserves to shine bright everywhere.” Her guy friend ignore her because of his wife. He has to ask his wife permission to reply to his camper. Who is a girl. This girl particular left Leisure square due to a male counselor in 2010 because he was being neglect and mean to her.
As much she wants to comeback to Leisure Square. This girl feels like everyone just hates her. This girl is my friend.
Everyone good luck at the show.

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