Amalfi Grille: A great four-course culinary bargain

Of all the summer dining deals being advertised these days, nothing tops the four courses for $24 special being offered at the Amalfi Grille.

While we have on a number of occasions cheerfully spent a few dollars more than that savoring some of the creative dishes offered by the Amalfi, $24 a head is all you need to lay out to enjoy a great four-course culinary experience at this excellent restaurant.

On our visit last week, we waved off several of the evening’s specials – which as usual, sounded mighty tempting – and told our excellent server Dana we intended to see how happy we could be sticking to the special menu.

No problem, she said.

So for appetizers, I started with the fried mozzarella while my husband ordered the other choice available, the spinach and mushroom ravioli.

The mozzarella cheese had been panko breaded, and flash fried to crispy golden perfection, it tasted terrific when dipped into a homemade marinara sauce. The spinach, mushroom and ricotta cheese ravioli, however, was positively sublime, and was served with a wonderful gorgonzola cream sauce. A great start to the meal.

The second course was a choice of salads. I went for the mixed green salad, and chose a light white balsamic dressing. My husband opted for the Caesar salad with anchovies, which he pronounced a good version of the classic Caesar.

For entrées, the choices got tough. There were chicken and fresh local fish options, and I was sorely tempted by the sausage lasagna. But I finally settled on the shrimp gorgonzola. My husband flirted for a time with the beef Wellington, but ultimately ordered the veal and mushrooms.

My shrimp gorgonzola consisted of beautiful large Gulf shrimp, sautéed with wild mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, and tossed with cavatappi pasta in a gorgonzola cream sauce. Yummy.

My husband’s slices of veal scaloppini were sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, white wine, butter and mushrooms, topped with a light cream reduction and served over penne. He loved the dish.

Finally, it came time for dessert – which is always a highlight of the evening at Amalfi, where the pastries are nothing short of amazing.

I ordered the coconut-infused white cake layered with coconut mousse and finished with fresh coconut, and my husband tucked into a large slice of fresh lemon sponge cake layered with a fresh blueberry mousse and finished with whipped cream. The desserts totally lived up to expectations.

Depending on what you choose to drink, the total tab for two can obviously climb a fair bit above the $24-a-person prix fixe price for the special menu.

But it’s your choice. You are getting a full four-course dinner – the same caliber of food that you would get if ordering a la carte from the menu – and your meal deal is not being bundled with a bottle of so-so wine.

Will we order from the 4 for $24 menu on our next visit? That depends on how tempted we are by that night’s specials.

But on this visit, we went home feeling happy and well fed after enjoying a bargain evening at the Amalfi Grille.

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Amalfi Grille

Hours: Dinner nightly from 5 p.m. to closing

Beverages: Full Bar

Address: 398 21st Street, Vero Beach

Phone: (772) 564-8218

Photos by: Gordon Radford
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patti July 23, 2018

Dear Tina,
Approximately five years ago my girlfriends and I dined at the Amalfi Grill for our pre-Christmas dinner together; we were not impressed with the high prices, the staff service or the disappointing cuisine. One of the older ladies in our group found her dinner unappealing and so I asked the waiter to have it removed so she could choose another dish.. The owner came to the table and in a raised voice and rude tone told my friend that he didn’t see why she didn’t like the dish, because it was his Grandmothers recipe. She was mortified and we almost left the venue. I have not been back there since. Then I read your review in the VeroNew/Sebastian River News/ Dining section of the 4 courses for $24 and was actually amazed by the absolutely wonderful review it received. So My Husband and I with our Daughter and Son-in-law made reservations for Sunday early evening deciding to give it another chance.

I think there must be two different restaurants at the same location because other than the warm and friendly waiter named Vernon that took care of our table there was no comparison to your review and our dinners.. The spinach and mushroom ravioli had not even a hint of gorgonzola on the single lonely piece of pasta on the appetizer plate, the Caesar salad was comprised of old, hard, rough romaine lettuce (I had one crouton) no anchovies and very little dressing. Both my Daughter and Son-in-law ordered the beef wellington and were sorely disappointed as they both ordered medium RARE and received medium WELL. My daughter didn’t even eat hers, my Son-in-Law was hungry. My Husband ordered the shrimp gorgonzola, and although the shrimp were a nice size, the tails were a bit off-putting in a pasta dish and again there was barely a taste of gorgonzola in the sauce. I was very fortunate in choosing my entrée which was the veal and mushroom which was tender and flavorful. Due to the fact that both my Daughter and Son-in-law were dissatisfied with their entrees, Vernon was kind enough to extend gratis our choice of coffee or espresso.

Needless to say, we will not be returning a third time. .

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