All hail Yale-bound Eidemueller, a St. Ed’s standout

Senior Ally Eidemueller decided to enroll at St. Ed’s as a freshman because she wanted to attend a good school for academics as well as one with a high-quality girls soccer program. It was her desire to compete as hard as she possibly could in both aspects of school life.

The take-off for soccer was initially bumpy, but it was nothing but smooth sailing after that.

“In middle school I did cross country for a while, but in high school I focused mainly on soccer,” Eidemueller said. “I joined the soccer team freshman year and, unfortunately, I broke my leg in a preseason practice. I was out for the entire year except for the last two games.

“Sophomore and junior years were when I really got going with the team and learned how things worked. It was really competitive, which was a good thing. And then this year was a lot of fun, especially having the Mohrs as our coaches. It was very enjoyable.”

Eidemueller was referring to head coach Jaclyn Mohr and her husband/assistant coach Scott Mohr. The season was dedicated to delicately guiding the Mohrs through their first pregnancy. Daughter Taylor was born shortly after the season ended.

“When Ally broke her leg freshman year it was extremely difficult for her, as well as the team,” Jaclyn Mohr told us. “She was excelling in practice and clearly earning a spot as a starter. She was new to the school and was missing out on the one sport she loved.

“I couldn’t wait for the next season to get her back on the field. Ally could play anywhere, and wherever we needed her she would go and give it her all. She was a standout striker and always one of our leading goal scorers.”

Career highlights include scoring twice as the Pirates won a district championship in her junior year, and adding three more in the ensuing regional quarterfinal. The absolute peak might have been five unassisted goals in the first half of a game as a senior.

Academics was the other component that brought Eidemueller to St. Ed’s, and all indications point to a positive outcome there as well.

“I spent a lot of time deciding where I wanted to go for college, and I just made the decision that I will be attending Yale,” Eidemueller revealed last week. “As of right now I want to major in Biomedical Engineering, which is something that I find really interesting. I have always enjoyed math and science classes, especially biology.”

To further explore her interest in STEM, last summer Eidemueller attended the highly selective Annual Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida. She earned college credits by participating in lab research, writing critical thinking papers, and giving presentations.

“The research project that I participated in was optogenetic research, which utilizes light to stimulate genetically-modified cells, such as muscle cells or neurons,” Eidemueller explained. “That experience was a big reason why I want to be a biomedical engineer.”

This future Ivy Leaguer is not all science, all the time. She admittedly preferred to be “well-rounded” in high school by taking courses unrelated to STEM, finding subjects like English and Social Studies enjoyable by contrast. Certainly not to be overlooked is a demonstrable skill as a writer.

With a background so thoughtfully crafted, Eidemueller further illustrated why she is well prepared for a future in New Haven.

“For sure I am going to have to buy some warm clothes,” she said. “I’ve lived in Florida for my entire life, and going to the northeast is going to be a big change in weather.

“But I’m excited to be able to change my surroundings. I really like the people I met up there. Everyone was very interesting to talk to, and there are a lot of different perspectives that you hear.

“Obviously St. Edward’s has prepared me academically, which is why I am able to do this. But the most important thing is the people I’ve been surrounded with during my four years here. I’ve have some great friends now and hopefully those friendships will last after we leave.”

At Yale Eidemueller will explore the possibility of playing intramural or club team soccer. That she excelled in the sport at St. Ed’s will not be soon forgotten. “Ally’s shoes are going to be extremely difficult to fill on the girls varsity soccer team,” coach Jaclyn Mohr wanted everyone to know. “I will miss her as a player and as a person, but I know she will be extremely successful at Yale. She is a motivated individual who gives 110 percent in everything she does.

“St. Edward’s is losing an exceptional student-athlete.”

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