Walk of the town: New sidewalks on busy A1A stretch

Residents living on the east side of the intersection of State Road A1A and Pineda Causeway finally have long-awaited, continuous sidewalks which will allow them to walk safely along A1A to a nearby Patrick Air Force Base beach access.

“Now people on the east side of State Road A1A will not have to cross the street to walk down the street,’’ said Satellite Beach City Manager Courtney Barker.

While sidewalk construction and upgrades are part of the current SR A1A Florida Department of Transportation resurfacing project to be complete in July, there was a sidewalk gap and dirt path left behind on the east side of SR A1A in the space formerly used as a north-bound through lane.

Coming to the eastside residents’ aid was Barker and District 4 Brevard County Commissioner Curt Smith.

“We basically said, ‘there has to be a way to get this done without taking out half of (the condos’) parking lot. With all of the intelligence in this agency, you all can figure it out.’ So they figured it out,’’ Barker said.

Another reason for the change is that bicycles are now permitted to travel the Pineda Causeway, which required the removal of through lanes for safety reasons in crossing SR A1A, said Georganna Gillette, transportation program manager for the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization.

Adding sidewalk connections on the east side of A1A was important to provide a space for people to walk and bike to the beach, and therefore will have a positive impact on public health and quality of life, she said.

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