Some answers still sought in bizarre double slay case

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation into the murders of two unincorporated Port St. Lucie residents and the death of a third, and it needs the public’s help answering a couple questions. The case involves three bodies found at locations within a mile of each other near Oleander and Ash avenues.

When was 56-year-old Gabriele Reusch Legg last seen? And what items were removed from the home she shared with her nephew-by-marriage, Melvin “Chip” Anderson?

Reusch Legg was found dead, wrapped in a carpet in the garage of a home she shared with Anderson on Feb. 28. One neighbor told investigators that she had last seen Reusch Legg on Feb. 18.

Anderson died of apparent natural causes following a “minor, slow speed” crash into a ditch near the home on Feb. 28. He was driving a vehicle registered to Reusch Legg’s romantic partner. The third person found dead on the same day was Reusch Legg’s partner, Gary Boice, who was discovered in his home. Both Reusch Legg and Boice are believed to be victims of a homicide.

“We do not believe there is anyone else involved in this murder and death case,” Sheriff Ken Mascara said at a press conference Monday. He said that residents in the areas of both homes have been very helpful, providing pertinent information, but investigators need more.

The agency wants to know what was being removed from the home Anderson and Reusch Legg shared. Investigators also want to hear from anyone who had previously encountered Anderson.

Sheriff Mascara said that anytime multiple bodies are discovered in a small geographic area, “everyone’s radar goes up.”

“It gave even alarm to me as to what happened in this sequence of events,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Office has declined to release the causes of death for Reusch Legg and Boice and wouldn’t speak to the type of weapon or weapons used. However, authorities said neither Boice nor Anderson was a registered gun owner.

This is what the Sheriff’s Office has been able to determine so far:

  • Gabriele Reusch Legg, 56, is the aunt-by-marriage to Melvin “Chip” Anderson, 61.
  • Reusch Legg was widowed more than a year ago and had been living with Anderson ever since.
  • For the last 8 months, Reusch Legg has been involved with 70-year-old Gary Boice and was planning on moving in with him.
  • Reusch Legg and Anderson were supposed to vacate the home they were renting on Ash Avenue by the end of February, which precipitated the visit by the landlord on Feb. 28, resulting in the discovery of Reusch Legg’s body.
  • Earlier the same morning, Boice was killed in his home.
  • At 9:50 a.m. Feb. 28, Anderson wrecked a white BMW registered to Boice – investigators have not yet determined if Boice lent Anderson the car or if Anderson stole it.
  • Anderson was taken to an area hospital for treatment but was later pronounced dead due to natural causes.


Anyone with information regarding Melvin “Chip” Anderson or who purchased or received items from his home on Ash Avenue is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office by calling 772-462-3230.   

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