Celebrate Vero Beach’s natural beauty Feb. 10-11

VERO BEACH – Over the weekend of Feb. 10 and 11, residents are encouraged to come together to celebrate the spirit of Dr. Humiston’s vision in 1930 to “continue to be active until Vero Beach is known as the most beautiful city in the United States.”

The City of Vero Beach invites all citizens to attend the project or to begin an initiative amongst your neighbors and friends in your own yard! All residents, business owners or those of us that simply take part in and have pride in our city, are encouraged to partake as a community in the activities of planting trees, yard clean ups, trimming hedges, planting flowers or engaging in any other activity of beautification that inspires and activates others to take notice of our working together as a community on this special weekend.

“The goal is to emphasize the aesthetic richness of the City of Vero Beach. Taking actions

to beautify this City is to everyone’s benefit; making Vero Beach an even more enjoyable place to live.”

If you would like more information about this event, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 772-978-4700 or email cityclrk@covb.org

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