Clerk’s Office warns residents of phone, email scams

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Residents should be cautious of several phone and email scams spreading throughout the state of Florida, with some demanding payment from victims after falsely accusing them of missing jury duty, according to a Clerk of the Court’s Office news release.

Some phone scams state that the victims are being sued over old debts and must make an immediate payment over the phone, the release states. One email scam has a Notice to Appear or Summons attached to it demanding the victim appear in court for an appeals case, the Clerk’s Office stated.

The email says “do not reply” and there’s usually no contact information for a court phone number or attorney included. It also has a virus contained in an attachment that victims are told to click on for more information.

Residents who get a suspicious email or phone call should remember the following:

  • The Clerk’s Office doesn’t use a phone call to discuss a juror’s failure to appear, nor would it demand payment in place of an arrest
  • The Clerk’s Office would not use an email to send a Notice to Appear 
  • Even though the Clerk’s Office does make phone calls to discuss fines or fees due, it does not accept payments over the phone. 
  • Call the Clerk’s Office at 772-770-5185 to verify the department listed in the suspicious email or phone call

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