Theatre Guild presents “Whose Wives are They Anyway?” Jan. 15-25th

VERO BEACH — Playwright Michael Parker is the master of the American farce and the actors of the Vero Beach Theatre Guild hit his plays out of the park every time.

Directed by Art Pingree, Whose Wives Are They Anyway runs Jan. 15-25th, and promises to generate hilarious results.

Parker sets the premise beautifully. The Ashley Maureen Cosmetics Company has been sold and two of its vice presidents, David McGachen (Don Croteau) and John Baker (Jason Avery), have planned a weekend of golf before the new CEO arrives on Monday.

With their wives safely off on a shopping spree in New York City, they check into the Oakfield Golf and Country Club. Unexpectedly, they encounter their new boss, D.L. Hutchison (Jami Dolan), who declares “No one who went golfing for a weekend without his wife would ever work for me,” adding that she’ll look forward to meeting their wives that evening.

Panicked and unable to reach their wives, the men have to produce suitable replacements. John persuades the hotel’s sexy receptionist, Tina (Lorina Beniamino), to play the role of his wife but the only one who can pretend to be David’s wife is John, who must change from male to female and back at a frantic pace.

Things take a turn for the worse when Tina has too much champagne and starts taking off her clothes and, of course, the real wives are bound to suddenly appear.

Rounding out the cast, which features a blend of new faces and old favorites, are Molly Marks and Robin Scent as the wives, Isabel Garrett as the resort’s manager and Tom Dolan as the maintenance man. Assisting director Pingree are Carole Strauss as stage manager and Bill Lembeck as producer.

Whose Wives Are They Anyway runs Jan. 15-25th. The Vero Beach Theatre Guild is located at 2020 San Juan Avenue. Tickets are $24 and $22 (students 18 and under are half price). Purchase tickets by calling the box office at 562-8300, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, or online at

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